Flat Roofs

EBL is a company that is highly experienced in all types of roofing, including flat roofs. We employ fully trained and qualified roofers and our organisation has an outstanding Health and Safety record as a result of implementing the most up to date Health and Safety measures.

Our company has, through the past 30 years, gained a reputation for reliability, quality of advice and excellent workmanship in all areas of flat roofs.

We specialize in replacing or reconstructing flat roofs for residential, commercial or industrial applications using the most innovative and effective materials.

We know from experience that a flat roof is the weakest point of any building.

Punctures or straining of the joints are common factors in the failure of these types of roofs and pinpointing the precise location of the problem can be difficult. Simply repairing a single ply roof is often only a short- term solution.

Traditional flat roofs which are constructed of 2 or 3 layers of bitumen based felt, covered in heat reflective paint, stone chips (or a finishing coat of mineral felt) have a relatively short life span.

Felt and bitumen are now outdated technologies, the problems associated with them have given flat roofs a bad reputation, preventing many potential home buyers from buying otherwise viable properties.

We have been installing alternatives to felt roofs for the past 30 years by converting flat roofs to pitch using a variety of roofing materials, such as homogeneous membrane.

Our recommended manufacturers of these systems give a full service guarantee and, in many cases, insurers underwrite the work. The membranes we install have life expectancies of more than 30 years.

EBL have completed more than 1,000 flat roofs, from a small residential garage to a 14,000 square metre car component factory.

Our highly skilled technicians regularly resolve problems typically associated with flat roofs using the ultimate in modern membrane technology and installation techniques.

Our flagon roofing system has a 15 year insurance- backed warranty, using hot air welding which ensures a seamless roofing finish, fully vapour permeable and lightweight. It allows the existing roof to be overlaid, so there is minimal disturbance and no need for removing the existing roof, which is often very expensive.

(Also no naked flames or bitumen pots) Our flagon membrane is unaffected by UV rays, standing water or frost and is able to stretch and contract with changes in temperature.
Our system has a life expectancy of more than 25 years and is fitted by our team of trained operatives.

Flag UK Ltd technicians monitor all works and after their final inspection they will issue the certification; (Quality ISO 9002 certificate, European Agreement Certification No. I.C.I.T.E. 452/96 and BBA Certificate No 97/3430/C)

We offer free, no- obligation surveys, specifications and detail drawings. Our aim is to provide high performance roofing solutions and ensure that all our work is always to the highest industry standards.