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Fire-damaged House made into a Home

This project involved major building restoration works, following a serious fire at a home in Ormskirk.

We were appointed as Contractor, through our close colleagues in insurance. We initially developed a project plan and established a schedule of works and an estimated completion time. The whole project was managed by EBL from beginning to end.

The project plan started with getting our design and reinstatement specialists to the site. Their first action was to install a temporary protective roofing structure, called a top hat. This top hat system allowed our team of experts to commence work rapidly and ultimately, bring the programme completion date closer. It also enabled us to prevent further loss to the property, and allow our specialist cleaning team to commence works, removing debris, and wherever possible, all traces of fire damage.

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It is our aim, with a project like this, to get a seamless transition between all trades, to ensure that the project is completed as effectively and efficiently to benefit the client, who was living in temporary accommodation throughout the refurbishment process.

The project involved a redesign of the house, complete refurbishment including full design of the new roof structure, installation and construction. In addition, we also reconstructed rooms, installed a bespoke kitchen and bathroom, and installation of fitted wardrobes in the all bedrooms.

Throughout the entire process, we adapted our progress meeting times to accommodate the client’s availability due to his work commitments. This communication proved key to ensuring the client was completely satisfied with progress and design choices.

The programme for the project was estimated at a completion time of twenty-six weeks. The completion was actually within eighteen weeks, very much to the delight of the customer.

Importantly, EBL had complete ownership of the project from design to completion. EBL provided a fully personal service, and along with the fluid communication, the project was a huge success, with one very satisfied client, moving his personal belongings back in to his new family home.

EB News flash! Fire damaged home repair EB News flash! Fire damaged home repair EB News flash! Fire damaged home repair