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Listed Building Restoration

The Ancient Chapel of Toxteth is one of the oldest buildings in Liverpool with construction completed in around 1618. It is a Unitarian, multi–faith chapel and is a Grade I listed building on the National Heritage list for England. Any restoration work required would need to be done with sensitivity and in line with the listing of the building.

The original enquiry for the work on this beautiful Chapel came to EBL via our Website. Following contact from Mr Gabriel (the Trustee), we went to visit the Chapel to survey the works required, and we then provided the customer with a full scope of works.

When we first visited the Chapel, the kitchen area to the old School house was in a state of dilapidation, further works were required to the walls and the roof in the kitchen. The School hall required renovation including plastering, and full decoration.

The Mather Hall also required careful restoration work to the bespoke timber panelling, as well as re-plastering and full decoration

News from EBL - Chapel Restoraton!

From the scope of works, it was estimated that there would be a ten-week time frame from commencement to completion.

The biggest challenge that EBL faced, was to restore the original bespoke oak panelling in the Mather Hall, which was over one hundred years old and had suffered damage due to damp ingress, over a period of time. This work required intricate carpentry skills in order to keep the character of the panelling, and building.

Sandstone block repairs were also required to the front and rear elevations of the Chapel, therefore we utilized our specialist in-house team of bricklayers to complete the works.

The restoration works were completed on time as agreed with the customer and within the budget originally envisaged, the works were completed in readiness for the upcoming four hundred year anniversary celebration of the Chapel being built.

Mr. Gabriel, the Trustee was delighted with the work, along with the congregation!

News from EBL - Chapel Restoraton! News from EBL - Chapel Restoraton!