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EBL GROUP are proud to announce our Corporate Associate Membership of The B.D.M.A

The formation of the British Damage Management Association () marked a milestone in relations between the insurance industry and those who provide recovery and restoration services.

Modern damage management involves highly technical disciplines and the industry is traditionally intensely competitive. The creation of the BDMA indicated the significance damage management practitioners attach to the establishment and maintenance of uniform standards of care and codes of practice, underpinned by technical and corporate training.

At its launch, on 1st December 1999, the Association received confirmation of support from Treasury Minister, Melanie Johnson, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA), and its aim of establishing and promoting best practice in damage management and related disciplines was welcomed by major insurers and loss adjusters.

Prior to the existence of the BDMA insurers and loss adjusters had no means of judging the competence and expertise of the recovery and restoration contractors they appointed. However, in the event of problems arising after claims have been settled, poor or inappropriate workmanship can leave insurers open to litigation. Recent laws have specified increasingly stringent criteria in relation to duty of care issues surrounding the appointment of contractors.

The BDMA is committed to responding to the insurers’ need for contractors to work to recognised standards. With the aim of continually raising industry standards the Association contributes to a number of insurance led think tanks and wider research initiatives. As the certifying authority for recovery and restoration practitioners BDMA members gain professional accreditation through a tiered examination system. This enables them to display the Collective Mark, allowing potential customers and the public in general to identify competent individual technicians and corporate damage management organisations.