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Brian is full of beans about his new offices…

Businessman Brian Moran is delighted that the aroma of Runcorn coffee is not only wafting around his new offices, but also through the corridors of power!

Brian is managing director of the Halton-based Vending Machine Company and recently he personally delivered two of his firm’s state-of-the-art vending machines to No.10 Downing Street.

“We’re hoping that the success and popularity of the machines currently at No.10 could soon lead to a massive new contract – to supply machines vending drinks, snacks and sandwiches for more than 6000 government employees throughout Westminster!” say Brian.

To cope with his company’s rapid development and expansion, Brian has recently taken a unit at Runcorn’s prestigious new Enterprise Business and Logistic Centre in Picow Farm Road. “The EBL Centre is ideal for all our needs,” continues Brian. “Our unit will soon incorporate office accommodation, storage and a showroom where we can display and show off our high-tech range of machines – including the models at the Prime Minister’s residence!”

Apart from such high-profile clients, the Vending Machine Company also supplies and maintains many different types of machine for businesses throughout the North West of England and beyond, and is currently in discussion with the National Health Service to run a trial at a local hospital. Since his company’s move to the EBL Centre, Brian is also supplying equipment to several of his new neighbours.

“The Downing Street contract certainly gained us recognition - in fact I was famous for a day or two having been filmed by several TV crews as I was entering and leaving through the famous front door. They filmed me just in case I was someone very important!

“Inside No.10 I bumped into Mrs Brown who was very pleasant. But her husband had more important things on his plate rather than my coffee and snacks! It is very satisfying though to know that our products are being enjoyed in the corridors of power!”

Brian’s company supplies machines to vend almost anything – from ice cream and confectionery for the seaside trade, to safety products and apparel for heavy industry. The company has been operating for seven years and during that time has gained a reputation for supplying high-quality - and often unique - equipment, specially sourced and imported by Brian from the USA, Spain and Italy.

Eddie Basnett, Chief Executive of the EBL Group – the Halton developers of the Enterprise Business & Logistics Centre – says: “Brian’s company is really going places. He has some very impressive clients and is establishing a solid reputation for high-quality products and service. Naturally, we are delighted to welcome him to the EBL Centre where I am sure he will continue to expand and flourish. And I do enjoy having meetings with Brian – he makes a great cup of coffee!”