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Annual Maintenance Programme from industrial roofing specialists, EBL

The EBL Group, known for the past 25 years as one of the UK’s top specialists in commercial and industrial roofing and cladding, has set up a dedicated division to operate the group’s innovative and highly successful Annual Maintenance Programme (AMP) business.

Under the scheme, EBL technicians carry out an initial detailed inspection of an industrial roof - regardless of its age, type and construction - make good minor faults and advise on any action required to ensure it remains trouble-free. For clients who have opted for the Annual Maintenance Programme, EBL guarantees a preferential emergency call-out service. This means that if roof problems should occur, however minor or severe, remedial action is taken within a specified period - certainly within 48 hours, usually within 24 hours, but often on the same-day.

Apart from priority treatment, clients have repeatedly found that a significant advantage of the AMP scheme is that EBL technicians called out to deal with an industrial roofing problem already have detailed knowledge of their roof, enabling them to respond more quickly with the correct materials to facilitate repairs.