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Investing in the future of Halton Buildings...

by Eddie Basnett, Chief Executive, EBL Group

An aerial view of Halton shows a major residential and commercial conurbation with Industrial Developments and Domestic Homes , surrounded by rolling green countryside. A closer examination reveals the development of numerous business centres and industrial units - testimony to the fact that commercial confidence in the area is at an all-time high.

Halton has long been home to some of the best-known and best-respected names in British - and nowadays global - industry, companies which established themselves in the area for a wide variety of logistical and commercial reasons. And over the years, Halton and its neighbouring areas have grown and matured with them.

The area boasts a communications network second to none - by road (M56/M6); by rail (Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington and Cheshire mainline stations); by air (John Lennon and Manchester Airports); and even by water (the Port of Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal). Because of its legacy, Halton also has one of the most skilled workforces imaginable, a progressive and proactive local authority, and an ample supply of residential property to suit all levels of requirement.

My own group of specialist construction companies has been based in Halton for many years, and I have watched with interest the ever-evolving commercial significance enjoyed by the area. EBL itself is investing in the future of Halton by developing a prestigious business park as the new and impressive gateway to the borough, adjacent to junction 12 on the M56, in Sutton Weaver.

If I didn’t have absolute confidence in the future of Halton, then the EBL Group would not be investing many millions of pounds in the development of the Sutton Quays Business Park. But that confidence is certainly being justified by the number of solid enquiries we are receiving about office space, even before any real marketing has been done.

Businesses are recognising Halton as a strategic location - they want all the benefits of being on the doorstep of the UK motorway network, close to two major international airports, and being wonderfully served by the national railway network, whilst being just minutes away from some of the region’s most glorious rural countryside. And, of course, they want all this without the costs usually associated with high-quality accommodation nearer to major cities. Added to this, our experience of the local authority shows that they are particularly sensitive and reactive to the needs of both incoming and established commerce and industry, having carefully built up a useful infrastructure of help and resources.

Phase one of the Sutton Quays Business Park will comprise five two-storey buildings, set in managed landscaped grounds with dedicated parking. The park has been conceived and designed for businesses which want to combine the best of all worlds. Yet, as with the rest of Halton, the costs involved in locating to the area are surprisingly economical - certainly not reflecting the major advantages it holds over other north west locations.

Halton already exudes prosperity and confidence and all indications show that the area has a very bright economic future.