Drying, Strip Out and Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Here at EBL, We follow an established process for water damage restoration.

First, a drying time estimate is produced, the property is sanitised and disinfected, Dehumidifiers are installed to dry out the affected areas and regular progress checks are made.

The drying process is monitored. All water- damaged properties are issued with a certificate of drying; guaranteeing the building has been returned to a pre-incident condition.

Leak Detection

Leak detection can trace water, gas, waste and energy leaks and areas of trapped moisture as well as damaged installations, using non-destructive methods.

Working together with our partners, we use the latest proven scientific techniques, such as;

Acoustic profiling, Thermal imaging, Endoscopy or tracer gas technology. These cutting edge technologies allow us to precisely locate the sources of any leaks with the minimum of damage to walls and floors.

We can be at a property within hours of making an appointment. Rapid response is critical to minimising the damage caused by smoke contamination.

Fire Damage Restoration

The extent and nature of the smoke damage is accurately diagnosed to ensure the correct course of action and negate the risk of future consequential damage.

Our process for smoke and fire damage decontamination includes; cleaning/sanitizing, stripping out, taking inventory, furniture removal and re-siting, water extraction and drying.

All fire- damaged property owners will receive a guarantee that their buildings, machinery and assets will be free from all incident- related contaminants.


When there is an escape of water or significant flooding, our specialist technicians can be at your property within hours of an appointment. Our initial tests will establish how long a property has been exposed to water, the amount of moisture that has been absorbed and how deeply the water has penetrated.