Disaster Management - Storm/Floods/Fire

EBL have an outstanding reputation for carrying out insurance related repairs. (We have been carrying out insurance work for over 30 years). There have often been times when Insurance companies have required us to travel outside of our normal postcode areas; when, for instance, there have been major floods or extreme storm conditions.

We have the expertise and experience to deal with the construction side of the damage and also in helping our valued customers move out of their homes because of the health hazards the damage has presented to them.

We understand how stressful having construction or repair work done in your property can be (even when it something that you want, say, a new bathroom or kitchen). When having work carried out due to an insurance claim, it can be even more stressful.

EBL have a well- trained CSCS skilled workforce, administration staff and managers who have excellent customer relation skills. Our customer liaison officers are on hand to help you every step of the way, especially with larger insurance claims.

Storm Damage

We were asked to travel and carry out flood repairs in Carlisle for the HBOS GI. A months rain fell in 24 hours leaving Carlisle completely cut off. Severe gales, including 128 mph winds, cut off power to many properties. 20 families were returned safely to their homes within a very short amount of time and all the necessary repairs were completed to our usual high standard.

We know how storms can cause severe damage to homes and property. When they occur, our roofing division provides the urgently needed repairs throughout the UK. We have in-house insurance partners, no need to sub-contract. Our team of experts carries out repairs, quickly and efficiently.

We know how much destruction falling trees can cause to your house and we have rescued many families over the years. Because our tradesmen are employed in-house, we can have an operative arrive at the scene quickly to assist in a rapid and safe removal and reinstatement.


Nowadays, the once common chip pan fire is almost a thing of the past. However, when there has been a fire incident in a home or business premises, EBL Group can respond rapidly. We can provide assistance in a number of ways - from cleaning up smoke damage and the removal of debris to full re-instatement.

We have also worked for many city councils, where a property has experienced fire damage and we have been able to repair and reinstate under their insurance. (This can only be successfully completed if the fire has not caused any major structural damage).